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Server Unblock is an ultra fast web based proxy website that helps you to unblock websites from network filters. This is best free proxy server which enables you to watch YouTube videos, unblock Facebook in any restricted area, at school or work. The most powerful free web proxy server. Our service enables to bypass filters/firewalls and unblock most websites.


How To Unblock Youtube

Unblock YouTube today using a web-based proxy website. It is easy to use and completely portable! Proxy websites, acting as an intermediary, saves your identity.

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What is a Proxy Server

A proxy server is an intermediary computer that is between the user’s computer and the Internet. It can be used to log Internet usage and also to block access to a website.

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Unblock YouTube at school

YouTube would take a lot of bandwidth, without any doubt, and strain the network and the network is supposed to be used for academic purposes.

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Unblock YouTube at your Workplace

It is becoming a trend in most conservative governments to block websites in response to any sensitive incident affecting that particular government’s policies.

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